52.Holly Linton(non-registered)
Hi Dave! It was nice speaking to you and your wife recently at the Ocean City Reception. I finally cleaned out my purse and came across your business card, which means I finally checked out your website. Your portfolio is just fabulous (but I'm sure you knew that already)! Happy Shooting!

Yours in Photography,
Holly Linton
46.Rick Kesecker(non-registered)
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to service your Epson Printer and I want to especially thank you for enhancing my picture. I have serviced printers for many photographers and your work is by far some of the best I have seen.
There is a peacefulness about your work that is very alluring.
42.J. R. Warnet(non-registered)
Hello David:

It was a pleasure to meet you this weekend at the Mayfest in Smithville. I loved your common tern photo as soon as your website loads. Very nice framing in the shot. We have just a few more shows for the spring and then we pick up again in the fall. It would be nice to see you at a show someday as well.

J. R. Warnet
Washed Ashore Photography
38.John McCarty(non-registered)
Beautiful work
37.charlotte ryan(non-registered)
I learned more in 18 minutes w/ you Dave than all the migraine producing other 'tutorial' sites! Many many thanks, you are a great instructor!
36.Michele Barbera(non-registered)
I found your site through a post on Facebook by Denise Ippolito. I enjoy reading your blog posts because you write about places that are in my local area. Your images are inspiring!
34.Dale Yakaites(non-registered)
Got to your site in a roundabout way through ArtFairInsiders. Glad I did.
Beautiful work David.
32.Harry Gappa(non-registered)
I got your card from Joe Russo. You have some great pics.
31.edward kreider(non-registered)
I love this site for its presentation style. I've suffered through too many poor photography sites. What makes it perfect is the awesome photography.
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