Lynn White(non-registered)
So enjoy reading your web site and of course seeing your photographs. We go to Millville as often as we can. Thanks for all your great photos and sharing so much with us.

Lynn White
Holly Linton(non-registered)
Hi Dave! It was nice speaking to you and your wife recently at the Ocean City Reception. I finally cleaned out my purse and came across your business card, which means I finally checked out your website. Your portfolio is just fabulous (but I'm sure you knew that already)! Happy Shooting!

Yours in Photography,
Holly Linton
Rick Kesecker(non-registered)
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to service your Epson Printer and I want to especially thank you for enhancing my picture. I have serviced printers for many photographers and your work is by far some of the best I have seen.
There is a peacefulness about your work that is very alluring.
J. R. Warnet(non-registered)
Hello David:

It was a pleasure to meet you this weekend at the Mayfest in Smithville. I loved your common tern photo as soon as your website loads. Very nice framing in the shot. We have just a few more shows for the spring and then we pick up again in the fall. It would be nice to see you at a show someday as well.

J. R. Warnet
Washed Ashore Photography
John McCarty(non-registered)
Beautiful work
charlotte ryan(non-registered)
I learned more in 18 minutes w/ you Dave than all the migraine producing other 'tutorial' sites! Many many thanks, you are a great instructor!
Michele Barbera(non-registered)
I found your site through a post on Facebook by Denise Ippolito. I enjoy reading your blog posts because you write about places that are in my local area. Your images are inspiring!
Dale Yakaites(non-registered)
Got to your site in a roundabout way through ArtFairInsiders. Glad I did.
Beautiful work David.
Harry Gappa(non-registered)
I got your card from Joe Russo. You have some great pics.
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